Sib Image Viewer

Sib Image Viewer 3.21

Image viewer with support to the most common image formats

Sib Image Viewer is a tool for viewing, converting and organizing several formats of image files. The program supports several popular image file formats, such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, TGA and PNG, and allows conversion to and from these formats.

Users of Sib Image Viewer will be able to view images as thumbnails or full-screen without glitches, as well as modify and edit images using a variety of options.

Other features of Sib Image Viewer include the ability to create icons from regular images, define descriptions for files, show images as slideshows, copy, move, duplicate and rename files, plus many other options.

The program also has a command line feature for advanced users. Sib Image Viewer is a useful tool for those who want to view, edit and convert images with one program.